About me

Documentary photographer focused on human rights, social topics and people photography, living in Regensburg – Germany.



Oktober 2018 Exhibition „The river is an ocean“ at Stadtbibliothek in Amberg

September – Oktober 2018 Exhibition „The river is an ocean“ at Pfarrbüro Mittendrin in Sigmaringen

Mai – Juli 2018 Exhibition „The river is an ocean“ at KunstKulturQuartier in Nürnberg

August – October 2017 – Exhibition „The river is an ocean“ at „Galerie Konstantin b“ in Regensburg


Photo competitions

January 2019 – Shortlisted for the HIPA Photo-competition

January 2018 – Shortlisted for the HIPA Photo-competition in 3 different categories

October 2017 – Shortlisted for XXI Premio Internacional de Fotografía Humanitaria Luis Valtueña

Juli 2016 – Shortlisted for the Magnum Photo Awards 2016



May 2018 – Published in the HIPA Photobook 2018 „The Moment“

November 2017 – Magnum Portfolio Review and Group Critiques at the Leica Galerie in Frankfurt with Thomas Dworzak and Newsha  Tavakolian

Juli 2016 – Public lifetime Portfolio at LensCulture



April 2018 – In Nigeria for Rotary Action group supported by BMZ and Birthing Kit Foundation Australia

April 2017 – Rescue mission in the mediteranean sea with Sea-Eye


Feedback and Inquiries to:

Email: dks-photo@hotmail.com

Mobile: +49 176 20331997



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